Like 8 Kittenz

My name is Shyla. 17.
As you can see i don't like MGMT.
Keep it weird guyz.
Oh and stay KITTENZ. c:

Today i went to record store day and someone took the only Tame Impala record away and then i didnt have enough for just one mgmt vinyl worste record store dday eva but im happy for all of u guys who got awesome stuff!

So for real I want to know if any of u guys get high and blog on here? Ehh? Any mgmt fan or anyne?

Its 4/20 my lovely friends


"Original Andrew doodle for sale Signed and one of a kind We will hand deliver all proceeds to a random New York person This is number 1 in a series of 50 Contact if interested” (via instagram)

(via anorphanoffortune)

You say you wanna stay by my side
Darlin’ your heads not right…

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All my headphones are fucked up and im broke… Do you know what this means??? MY LIFE IS OVER >:’O until payday my friend until then. Please pray for me

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